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Course Description

An in-depth introduction to microbiology, using a scientifically proven visual mnemonic method to help you learn high yield microbiology much faster and intuitively, and remember it for much longer. Ideal for success at Medical school, Nursing school, Physician Associates, Pharmacy and Allied-Health professional accreditations.

You'll learn how to:

  • You'll need a smartphone, smart tablet or computer with internet access.
  • You'll need to spare 20-30min per learning burst, to immerse yourself in the lesson and truly enjoy each session.
  • You'll need half of your artistic brain and half of your scientific brain.
  • A general understanding of high school biology is preferable.

Course Content

01. Introduction
02. Gram-Positive Cocci
03. Gram-Positive Bacilli
04. Gram-Positive Branched Filaments
05. Gram-Negative Diplococci
06. Gram-Negative Bacilli
07. Gram-Negative Coccobacilli
08. Additional Bacteria
09. RNA Viruses
10. DNA Viruses
11. Fungi
12. Opportunistic Fungi
13. Protozoa (single-celled eukaryotes - small parasites)
14. Helminths (parasitic worms - large macroparasites)
15. Prions

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